Apiculture Equipment

Apiculture is enjoying surprising growth in the Jamaican Economy

These two unique  products are widely used by bee keepers. They provide excellent protection from and control of varroa mites.


Apiguard: is for the treatment of varroosis due to varroa destructor in honeybees. It is a Thymol based product that is used in the control of varroa mites in bee colonies. Its active ingredient Thymol(CAS# 89-83-8)..25% is derived from the thyme plant. It’s unique slow release gel matrix formulation and easy-to-use dosing syringe ensures correct dosage of the active ingredient. Apiguard has no harmful effect on the honey bee colony, neither on brood or adults, when used according to directions.


Apistan: is an anti varroa strip used in the detection and control of mites in bee colonies. Effective control may be achieved by treating the hives before and after the honey flow periods.