Maturity and Senescence

The smart farmer makes sure they are able to reap and reharvest over time to ensure maximum usage of his land and of the plant infrastructure.

The following  two (2) products help protect your investment in the long term.  

Fruit Power (Ca 5.5 %) (B – 0.3%)

  • A foliar applied secondary nutrient, non-phytotoxic when used as directed.

  • Completely available and absorbed by leaf and fruit surface.

  • Contains essential nutrients to promote fruit sizing and reduce fruit drop.

  • Reduce disproportionate sizing of fruiting parts and physiological disorders.

Sugar Mover (B – 8%) (Mo – 0.004%)

  • Stimulates the flow of sugars from leaves to fruits.

  • Significantly improves Brix, Colour and fruit quality.

  • Increases starch, sugar and protein content in harvested portion of the plant.

  • Helps the plant to better manage Nitrogen.