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St Jago Farm Supplies in partnership with NaanDanJain, is proud to provide dripline technologies that are efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of crops in diverse conditions. Our extensive product range includes pressure-compensating driplines, traditional driplines, thin and tick walled driplines, button drippers and LayFlats.

Drip Kits

The Drip Kits we offer are the ideal solution for the irrigation (it can be all in one box) and fertigation of small plots. This comprehensive kit allows small farmers to achieve better yields, using their limited resources.

Drip Lines

Drip Lines are an ideal solution for irrigation in topographically challenging terrain and where long laterals are required. It is also used for accurate irrigation of orchards, open field crops and greenhouses

Drip Lines


Specially designed accessories such as filters and valves makes sure to ensure you get the best from our systems.

Valves offer high reliability and accuracy for pressure and flow control applications in medium and low pressure ranges where as filters offer a smart, efficient and cost-effective solution for cleaning manual irrigation filters.

All the accessories are important for a high efficiency irrigation system, you can easily provide the maintenance to increase the long term usage of your system, we can provide from a simple manual system to the most accurate fully automated irrigation system.