When it comes to your crops, weed control in crop production is a serious challenge. We have the products you need to keep you at the top of the weed control game.


PLOT 60 WG is a  selective, systemic,  post-emergence, non-volatile herbicide used to control broadleaf weeds in different crops such as pastures grasses, turf, coffee and sugar cane. It is absorbed into the plant by the leaves and roots making PLOT a very effective broadleaf weed killer. PLOT  gives complete control  in 1-2 weeks.

Active Ingredients– Metsulfuron Methyl

Pest/ Disease Control –Broad leaf weeds


ABAX is a selective pre and post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf weeds and some grasses in carrot, sugar cane, potato, tomato and soybean. ABAX is specifically designed to help you control weeds in established crops. When applied to soil, as a pre-emergence, ABAX 48 SC is absorbed by the roots of the emerging weeds. ABAX 48SC is a contact herbicide. To achieve a good post-emergence control, apply to young, vigorously growing small weeds. 

Active Ingredients– Metribuzin

Pest/ Disease Control –Pig leaf, Crab grass, Spreading dayflower,  Creeping woodsorrel (Oxalis corniculata),  Foxtail (Setaria spp.), Melanpodium (Melampodium divaricatum)

Zipper 20 SL

Zipper 20 SL is a non-selective, translaminar herbicide for application as a foliar spray. It is used for the broad spectrum control of emerged annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. ZIPPER  should not come in physical contact with green growing areas of the crop in question. 

Active Ingredients– Ammonium glufosinate

Pest/ Disease Control –Goosegrass (Eleusine indica), Crabgrass , Purslane, Marigold