Poultry Equipment

The Poultry Industry has been a major supplier of protein in the form of meat and eggs to the Jamaican consumers. We stock modern, efficient and cost effective equipment that will assist the industry in sustaining its high level of productivity and viability.

Two of these products are highlighted below.

  • The Evaporative Pad/ Cooling System ( fig 1)
  • The Fuze Line Feeder (fig 2 and 3)

Evaporative Cooling System

The Evaporative cooling system is a process that reduces the temperature within the poultry houses, thereby significantly reducing heat stress on the birds.

Our cooling system can lower temperatures by 5 – 14 oF. Our cooling Pads are of two convenient sizes. 4ft x 6 in x 12 in and 6ft x 6in x 12in.

Fuze ProLine pan feeding system

The Fuze ProLine pan feeding system out-performs other poultry feeders as:

  1. It is light and easy to install
  2. The birds can easily access the feed
  3. It is easy to clean and handle
  4. It is built from hardened plastic to prevent cracking.
  5. It reduces waste