Irrigation Solutions

St Jago Farm Supplies can provide the right irrigation solution for your needs. This needs a careful assessment of the land, water source and needs of the vegetation you are seeking to water, depending of your crop, we can suggest the best irrigation solution with Drip, Microsprinkler, or sprinkler irrigation, including the accessories and elements required for your necessities.

For example, sprinkler irrigation systems are best suited for large, flat areas that need a substantial volume of water, and only some crops can be irrigated with this system.

Drip irrigation systems are most effective for precisely watering small areas or plants that require a specific watering schedule and is more precise way of watering.

Microsprinkler irrigation, has several applications principally in open fields crops like orchards and open fields like greenhouses, net houses and climate control.

Drip Irrigation

A properly installed drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the soil around the root zone of your plants. It is an efficient way of irrigation as very little water is lost via evaporation or runoff.

View our Drip Irrigation kits and accessories here.

Sprinklers (Micro, Impulse and Popup)

Our sprinklers are suitable for diverse applications in open fields,orchards and plantations Facilitate full-circle and part-circle Cover a wide range of wetting diameters from small plastic sprinklersto powerful giant sprinklers.

Sprinkler systems can be challenging, they need the correct calibration and setup to provide the right coverage for the area you intend to irrigate. Over watering can lead to problems such as promotion of weeds and fungi.

See the different types we have to offer and don’t forget to consult one of our experts to see which of these solutions best suit your needs.