Germination Establishment

It is important to get calcium into newly germinating seeds for your plants to have the right start for great yield. These products ensure the best setup for future plant development.

CALCIUM 5S (Ca–5.0 %)(0 - 0 – 0)

Derived from Calcium Chloride, Calcium 5S is foliar or seed applied secondary nutrient and is non phytotoxic when used as directed

  • Provides a highly soluble form of Calcium which protects the seed in highly acidic soil.

  • Is a proprietary technology that supercharges plant growth and development while increasing nutrition utilization.

  • Strengthens cell wall structure.

  • Is completely available and absorbed by the leaf surface or the root system.

  • Is designed for use in foliar, seed row, seed and transplant water application.

  • Buffers stress caused by saline soils.

  • Improves uniform emergence of seedlings while increasing early season vigour while enhancing plant establishment.

XCYTE- (Cytokinin - 0.04%)

XCYTE is an EPA-registered plant growth regulator and yield stimulant which is important for growth and flowering. It creates more vigorous and denser roots.

  • Ensures more carbohydrate storage capacity for enhanced uniformity, density, quality and yield.

  • Helps plants produce grain and fruit with higher density to increase final quality and yield.

  • Aids in hormonal balance.

  • Increases cell division for denser and higher quality grain.

  • Increases sugar transport and increases sugar content in the reproductive parts of the plant.

  • Can limit kernel and pod abortion. What this means is that it can fill the tip of an ear of corn more fully, holding more pods per plant on soybean, more bolls per plant on cotton, and more grains per head on small grains.

BIO-FORGE(2 – 0 – 3)

(A Unique form of Dyformyl urea)

BIO-FORGE is a plant growth promoter and unique seed treatment that will improve plant metabolism.

  • Up-regulates stress genes and activate dormant buds.

  • Aids in staying ahead of abiotic crop stress.

  • IDs root growth for efficient nutrient uptake, especially nitrogen.

  • Protects plants from damage in response to abiotic stress.

  • Promotes strong plant growth and vigorous production.

Bio-Forge is also tank- mix compatible with a wide variety of products and can be applied to the seed, foliage, and soil or through the irrigation system, aiding in reducing the effects of abiotic stress.

CAL-GUARD (Ca - 7%, P2O5 – 30%)

CAL-GUARD is a calcium Phosphite nutritional supplement used in building plants immune system.

Ca-Guard promotes the production of phytoalexins which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

  • Provides excellent control and prevention of damping off when used in potting mix.

  • Is used to correct deficiencies of Calcium on all crops.

  • Reinforces the natural defence mechanism of plant.

  • Is a fertilizer compound to be used for routine fertilizer applications or to correct deficiencies of Calcium on all crops.

  • Can be applied via foliar, in-furrow, side dressed or fertigation.

  • It is absorbed by foliage, woody tissue and roots.