Flowering and Reproduction

One of the most important phase of plant development that demands the greater care.  Make sure you get the best yield with these products.


(Auxin (IAA, IBA), Cytokinin & Gibberellic Acid)

A plant yield enhancer with four essential plant growth regulators (PGR).

  • Contains two Auxins: IAA and IBA

  • Precise combination of four PGRs at the optimum ratio for maximum effectiveness.

  • Increases yield quantity and quality.

  • Enhances cell division, differentiation and enlargement.

  • Boosts root growth and plant vigour.

  • Improves nutrient utilization.

FLOWER POWER (B -3.0%, Cu - 0.1%)

(Chelated Copper – 0.1%, Mo- 0.02%, Zn – 4.0%)

A product designed to be applied at “bud swell”. It increases cell division in flower buds to form strong flowers.

(B -3.0%, Cu - 0.1%)

  • A foliar secondary nutrient and is non-phototoxic when used as directed.

  • Completely available and is absorbed by the leaf and bud surface.

  • Contains a patented formulation of B, Cu, Mo & Zn.