Vegetative Growth

This is the second phase of plant growth that leads to the most important stage of harvesting. These products ensure your plants have a great start for maximum plant yield

NITRO PLUS (23 -0 -0)

This soluble, non-nitrate form of Nitrogen:

  • Inhibits amine nitrogen from becoming ammonia.

  • It contains Calcium and Magnesium to facilitate cell sizing and grain fill.

  • Encourages vigorous plant growth in both vegetative and reproductive stages.

  • Quickly converts amine nitrogen to protein.

  • Its twice as efficient as other forms of foliar Nitrogen.

SETT (Ca-8.0%, B-1.0%)

A calcium and Boron solution that maintains calcium pectate in plant cell walls and :

  • Signals sugars from leaves to storage tissue.

  • Contains essential elements for cell wall integrity.

  • Promotes fruit firmness and improves fruit quality.

  • Promotes better seed formation.

  • Increases fruit retention.

  • Inhibits ethylene production.